Got my room at the castle

Room at the Castle

Got my room at the castle

North of lovers key

A life’s worth of loving paid back in 3D

Humbly understanding Who I am, Who I was, Who I might be …

Thank God it all counted for something

Thank God that I understand the importance of how I felt. And how I changed in the past when I chose myself

Impact it had on any reality around me

Always cared for more

for more totality

Stats, plaques, Vanity could never outplay the child in me

School song of imagine, so when you imagine, you imagine me

No, not like that

Imagine for just this second that you possess no authority

Bow humbly to the throne above

God’s plan, God’s Authority

Ok, enough of the spiritual stuff

Back to emotions and back to supreme love and the practice of deep ocean …

Ok back to serious me

Like if I can do it, you can do it, no way you can’t pull it, you are much better than I could ever be

Deep diving

Unlike like emotional driving fly in my Grace guided photosynthesis time machine